Sam Groe

The Film Maker

Videography | Drone Technician | Video Content Strategy

Hi, I am Sam and I’m the videographer and producer for Lucid & Luxe since the summer of 2021.

Since I was little, I’ve always felt hyper-aware of my surroundings and how other people might be feeling about me or themselves. I guess you could say I’m pretty sensitive in that regard. However, since picking up a camera I’ve learned to channel my inner dialogue into a more meaningful story, through visual representation.

I think I have a quiet love affair with life, sometimes. I’m usually chasing a feeling I get from something I see and I won’t stop until I get my ideas on film. I want my audience to escape from the material world and enter a space where their creativity and imagination are the great equalizers.  I cherish the creative process and I hope to capture your pursuits and passions and bring them all to life!  Let’s put your ideas in the center frame!

In my free time I love to go golfing, camping, and hang out with close friends and family. As of late, I’ve discovered that I love hosting and cooking for people. You might find me wearing a chef’s hat wandering around a local farmers market or listening to piano jazz while stirring Alfredo sauce, acting very Italian. It’s a great stress reliever, I 10/10 recommend.

“Do the verb, rather than be the noun.” – someone on a podcast 

Meet the rest of the team.

Rachel Lahlum

The Organizer

Production Manager
Client Support
Brand Photographer

Tim Liversage


SEO Specialist
Technical Support

Megan Heppner

The Visualizer

Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Brand Strategy

Marie Frederickson

The Communicator

Copy Creation
Brand Voice
Content Strategy

April Rumschlag

The Socializer

Social Media
Content Strategy
Administration Assistant

Leanne Reichhoff

The Catalyst

Web Design & Development
Project Manager
Creative Director

Hannah Vold

The Administrator

Account Manager
Client Relations

Kelsey Bergstrom

The Builder

Web Design
Web Development
Client Support Assistant