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Healing Waters Health Center


Healing Waters Health Center is a holistic clinic in Stillwater, MN. Their clinic provides natural energy healing for whole-body wellness using a variety of holistic techniques and practices.

When Healing Waters approached Lucid & Luxe, they were using their customer relationship management system for their website. Their CRM worked well for their internal processes, such as managing client appointments and invoicing, but it was not user-friendly for website content and blogging.

The Problem and Goals

Healing Waters Health Center was established for 3 years before they came to Lucid & Luxe for a new site. They had a few clients over the years, but the specific types of holistic health services they offer are niche and not well-known. As a result, they weren’t being found through search engines.

During our discovery phase, we determined that Lucid & Luxe would need to work with Healing Waters to develop a website that looked great, was easy to navigate, and communicated the specifics of their services without confusing potential clients.

The client also stressed the importance of continuing use of their CRM. Although the CRM didn’t have a robust website builder, the client was satisfied using it to book and manage client appointments and portfolios. Therefore, we decided to integrate the CRM into the new website.

The Solution and Result

Healing Waters Health Clinic’s finished website is 23 pages. 

For their brand assets, we developed a set of colors and fonts to emulate their goals in holistic health. For the primary color, we a deep turquoise, which offers a sense of calm and internal healing. Our accent color is a soft gold, which emulates the self-discovery process of peace.

In general, people know if they want holistic health, but the particular terms used at Healing Waters are rarely used in general search terms. So to boost their SEO, we used niche holistic health terms to help boost their search engine ranking and results around the Twin Cities. 

As for the website design and integrating their CRM, we created a solution using UX and CTA buttons that allowed clients to access and book service appointments through the new site without compromising the tool already in place at Healing Waters.

Lucid & Luxe provides ongoing web services as well, from teaching them best-practices for blog content, to providing and implementing a robust social media strategy.  We create content and post to their social media accounts 7 days a week.

“Leanne from lucidandluxe.com from the Twin Cities is a fantastic web designer! Her talent, energy, and creative ideas are so apparent when you start to work with her. She really hears you and helps you take what you are trying to say to designing a website that does just that!”

—Susan Schultz | Healing Waters Health Center | Stillwater, MN

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