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Lakeland Steel Company | Lucid & Luxe Web Design

Jen Blume

Lakeland Company, Manager

"I had Lucid & Luxe design and service Lakeland Company's website. Leanne has done an amazing job of keeping our site updated monthly. She has a great sense of what will bring more people to your site to learn about your business. I highly suggest Lucid and & Luxe if you are looking for someone to design and/or service your website."

Frostline Refrigeration | Lucid & Luxe Web Design Studio

Sam Gronning

Frostline Refrigeration, Owner & Service Provider

"Wow! So impressed by the fast and prompt service even though we live in different states. Leanne has a professional eye for design, is reliable, and takes pride in her work. Thanks for the wonderful service."

Northwest Lodging | Lucid & Luxe Web Design Studio

Tara Tylewski

Northwest Lodging, Manager

"I was looking for someone to recreate my motel's website and I had a very particular set of ideas in my mind of how I wanted it to look. Leanne took my ideas and created a website even better than I had imagined. If that wasn't enough, she is a super nice lady and very easy to work with. I would highly recommend Lucid & Luxe to anyone."

Your site needs to capture a browser's attention immediately and keep them engaged.  The site needs to reflect your company's credibility, quality and uniqueness.

It should grab their attention, answer their questions quickly and give them opportunities to contact you or purchase your product.  They should be satisfied after visiting your site and not feel the need to search further.

They should go from being a browser to becoming your customer.


Lucid & Luxe Web Design Studio | Branding

Make a phenomenal first impression.

That might be a business card design, a letter, a Facebook page or a phone call.  I can't help you with a conversation, but I can help you create your identity through color, texture, images, font and design.

Attract potential customers in all the ways you can. 

Your visual identity, including your business card and your Facebook page, should reflect the quality and personality of your business.   Let me design a brand for your company that is attractive and unique to you.



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