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I handcraft user-friendly WordPress websites that engage the visitors on your site so they will stay on the site and look through its pages.  My main goal is to turn the browser into your customer. The best way to do this is make it easy for them.

The design and strategy of a website is crucial.  It needs to be simple for the browser to navigate and it needs to be easy for them to understand who you are and how you are going to solve their problem. 

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Lucid & Luxe Web Design Studio in NJ | Web Design in NYC


You want people to visit your site, simply because they searched for something your business has to offer- not because you paid a ton of money to have an ad online.

Search Engine Optimization is the method used to get your business visible in an online search by using keywords, specific language and purposeful text on your website.  When your website comes up in a search, we call this "natural", "organic" or "earned" results.

Let me help you get the attention of potential customers through keyword-rich SEO copywriting and link building.

Let's get you better search rankings.



Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. LinkedIn. Pinterest. 

Having social media accounts for your business is free advertising- and everyone loves free- especially when it might just be the best way to reach as many people possible. 

These are all social media platforms that yourself or your business are currently using or would like to use to reach more people. But you don't have the time or it's not what you want to do yourself.

I can help.

I can integrate your current social media pages and/or links on your website, and I also can design and set up current or new social media pages for you.  We can create the graphics or ads too.

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Lucid & Luxe Web Design Studio in NJ | Web Design in NYC


You need an email list to send content that will turn a reader into a customer.  You have an email list but don't know what email funneling is.

I create email lists with or without automation and I help structure and even manage email automation.

Need help with your email writing? I can help with that too.

Ask me a question.

Lucid & Luxe Web Design Studio in NJ | Web Design in NYC


What and where content is on your website matters. In fact, it can be a win or a loss for your return on investment.  That's where I come in.

I help plan, create and execute content to help your content get customers. Customers = dollars.  Content needs to be relevant, well structured and it needs to solve a problem for the site reader.

If the browser can't find it or understand it easily then it won't produce the results you want.

Let's turn browsers into customers.

Lucid & Luxe Web Design Studio | Branding


Make a phenomenal first impression.

That might be a business card design, a greeting, a letter, a Facebook page or a phone call.  I can't help you with a conversation, but I can help you create your identity through color, texture, images, font, logo and design.

Your visual identity alone can give confidence to potential clients.

Give your company a visual identity.


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