Brand Exploration and Strategy

that gives your brand direction and clarity to succeed.

You might know who you are and what you do, but we help you clarify that even further by digging deep into your brand’s foundation so that you can speak to your audience like no one else, be understood with complete clarity, and make more money with higher conversion.

A Brand Assessment will better all aspects of your project and will produce better results. We include this for our website packages because we know how crucial this is to get all things right. We also provide you with a Company Strategy Guide PDF at launch so you have these tools indefinitely.

We Offer:

  • Ideal Client Persona — Knowing who your client is and what their problem is will position you as an expert and one your ideal client can trust. We will identify their problem and ways you can connect with them and solve their problem.
  • Brand Foundation — Every brand needs a foundation to succeed. We’ll help you define and clarify your mission and values (POV), how you stand out (UVP), and your company pillars (Why, What, How).
  • Brand Voice — We teach you how you speak to your audience, certain words to use, words to avoid, and the attitude of your brand’s voice. You use this voice across your website, social posts, blogs, and advertising, so it’s consistent and clear.
  • Brand Visual Direction — We help define the tone of your brand and make sure they align with your goals and ideal audience. We dig into what kind of colors compliment your brand and what kind of colors to avoid, what kind of imagery would help you succeed and be cohesive with your brand and what to avoid.
  • Competition Research & Analysis — We research your competitor in the marketplace and analyze what they are doing and how you can stand out from them, both in brand and website content and features.
  • Competitive Whitespace — We find the online space where needs aren’t being met by your ideal target audience and where there may be opportunities for you to capitalize.
  • Image Inspiration — We provide direction to help you find images that fit your brand so you can use them with confidence for your website, social media, and wherever else you’d like. In the Company Strategy Guide PDF, we’ll even have some images we found that match this direction. In addition, we may provide you some tips for brand photography if you are hiring us to do so.
  • Social Media Strategy Direction — Having a strategy for posting on social media is essential to being successful and growing your audience. We’ll help define some basics for your social media presence.

Ready to position yourself online?

“Incredible service! Leanne and her team went above and beyond to not only create my new website (, but also educate me in how to promote it. SO grateful for their work on my behalf!”

—Jesse Mast, Mast Wedding Films

FAQ About Brand Discovery and Strategy

A Brand Discovery and Strategy session can vary based on your needs. Some of our clients only want the basics, and some want full discovery and strategy, so it depends. However, it starts at $1,200.

It depends on the scope of discovery and strategy. It can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 weeks.

Leanne our Project Director, Megan our Graphic Designer, Darcy our Copywriter, Rachel our Production Manager, and April our Social Media Strategist may all be involved.

Yes! All the solutions we determine in this phase will be compiled into a Company Strategy Guide PDF delivered at launch.

We have you fill out a Project Brief and discuss it at our Project Discovery meeting. You’ll be required to provide feedback and have meetings with our team regarding your brand identity, SEO, copywriting, marketing, website design, social media, etc. Our goal, however, is to do everything and only have you provide the necessary information for us to do it all. 

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