Brand Identity and Graphic Design

that gives you a fabulous first impression.

Your company’s brand colors, typography, graphics, images, all matter immensely. All these facets of your brand’s identity need to work together and support your company’s vision, voice, and attract your ideal audience. That’s why we do Brand Discovery before this phase so we analyze and adjust or create your company’s foundation before we get to Brand Identity so it’s consistent and on-point.

We Offer:

  • Brand Identity — We design custom logos, brand marks, symbols, and more to give your ideal audience a great first impression.

  • Brand Elements — We research and select color palettes, font concepts, and design custom graphics, illustrations, website elements, icons, and more to support your Brand Identity.

  • Brand Collateral — We also design collateral such as business cards, infographics, emails signatures, letterheads, brochures, letterheads, signs, and more to provide important information and market yourself well.

  • Brand Board / Guide — We provide a one-page Brand Board to show your colors, fonts, and logos to refer to whenever you need them. We may also provide a Brand Guide that is more detailed and shows usage of fonts, colors, and your logo.

Ready to make a good impression?

“Leanne and her team create beautiful, functional designs that work. If you are looking for someone who is up to date with modern trends and can create your vision look no further. On the flip side if you need complete help and don’t know where to start she can show you the way and create an organic design that still feels like your own. If you need your product top-notch, professional, modern and frankly just need it done, look to Lucid and Luxe Web Design period!”

—Justin Olson, Hilltop Retreat


FAQ About Brand Identity and Graphic Design

Brand Identity Creation can take up to several weeks depending on how many things we are designing, how many revisions there are, and how quickly your feedback is given.

We would love to see it! We often work with companies that already have a logo or colors, and we’ll assess them during our Project Discovery,  but often we use the current brand assets for projects. If your brand identity is outdated, we may recommend doing a rebrand.

We always want you to love when we do! When we design a logo, for instance, we provide 4-6 initial concepts, then revise one that you like. Usually, the logo design process allows for two revisions of one concept, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck with that. It may mean that we need to charge more for more revisions, but this rarely happens!

Our team can do anything, so just ask! We only list the most common assets that are requested.

We all are in some way or another. If you’re picky with Brand Identity, it may mean that we need to charge for more revisions, but we like to avoid that. Being detailed in your Project Brief and in Brand Discovery, and providing thorough and honest feedback will only benefit you and make the Brand Identity process quicker and more on-point!

Have a different question? We'd love to answer.