Content Strategy and Creation

that connects with your audience and is consistent with who you are.

What you say matters. The voice of your brand speaks volumes, and you want to make sure the message you’re giving isn’t just relevant for what you do, but right for who you do it for. We’ve written for all kinds of brands, and know how to reach all different types of audiences. Whether you’re looking to find your voice, make it louder, or adjust it for your core consumers, we can help.

We Offer:

  • Brand Voice Creation — The voice of your brand will either connect to your audience or bore them so much that they don’t stick around. We discover how you speak to your audience, certain words to use, words to avoid, and the attitude of your brand’s voice. You’ll use this voice across your website, social posts, blogs, and advertising, so it’s consistent and clear.
  • SEO Content Strategy — There are a lot of amazing copywriters out there. But not all copywriters write for SEO Strategy. We want every word to count in getting you found, because otherwise we are writing for no one. SEO Strategy Copywriting is extremely important and helping your company be successful online.
  • Content Research & Invention — We offer industry-specific and keyword-specific research for your company by finding out what people are searching for, what questions they have, and what kind of topics are ranking high in Google. Then we invent copy for your website, blog posts, or social media posts so your copy helps your company rank and get more customers.
  • Website Copy — This is the most obvious kind of copy we write, and it matters. Lots of people can write, but writing for a website takes a skill that you shouldn’t take lightly. Lots of copywriters write catchy and clever copy but it’s confusing and not converting. Although your copy needs to be cohesive to your brand, it even more so needs to bring clarity and connection to your ideal client.
  • Blog and Article Copy — In addition to website copy, we also write blog posts or if you don’t like the word “blog”—articles. These posts are meant to boost your SEO search results by using heavy SEO, searched content that you can rank for. Blogs help get you found and also show you are an expert at what you do, building trust.
  • Social Media Content — Social media is a much-needed tool, whether we like it or not. Your idea targets hang out there, for hours, each day or week. So we help write the copy needed to get found and connect with those people, so you can grow your following, and more importantly, convert them to customers.
  • Advertisement Copy — We write copy that quickly converts for all types of ads.

Have content that connects with your audience.

“Leanne from is a fantastic web designer and more! She has amazing energy, creativity, and talent in this field. She really hears you and helps you take what you are trying to sell and say to design a website that does just that!”

—Susan Schultz, Healing Waters Health Center


FAQ About Content Strategy and Creation

We require copy to be written by a Copywriter who also understands SEO, and we only do it for your success. If copy is written without knowledge of SEO or strategy, it won’t help your website, and will negatively affect your the results of your website project.

Of course! We ask for information you want on your website and also ask you to review all the copy we write, so you love it.

Content Strategy involves strategizing the hierarchy of information, guiding your ideal audience through your website for conversion, and making sure the content that is written supports and helps your SEO ranking.

We actually research what your industry is doing so we know we’re coming in with your competitors and the industry standard. We also research questions that people are searching for regarding your industry so we can answer those questions in your copy and try to rank for them on Google. 

Content Invention is when we come up with ideas for content that are outside your current environment to help carve out a space for you in the industry.

Well first off, in the Brand Discovery phase, we dig into your brand—including how your company sounds. Before any copy is written, we have decided together on the kind of words you use, the attitude of your voice, and the direction of your copy. So by the time we write any copy, we have the foundation of your brand voice agreed upon. Of course, if we provide copy for you to review that you don’t like, please let us know so we can make it right. We want you 100% satisfied!

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