Online Marketing Strategy

to reach, grow, and connect with your audience.

A website project can be much more than a website. We offer services that take your website to the next level in connecting with your ideal audience and with your current audience through ads, emails, blogs, and the way your systems work.

We Offer:

  • Facebook, Instagram, and PPC Ads — It is possible to drive more traffic and targeted leads to your website in a few days. The most sophisticated advertising platform in the world is shared by Facebook and Instagram. Your business will be able to attract new customers on two of the most popular social networks in a matter of days. We will set up a free account for you if you don’t already have an account.
  • Email Marketing — We design, set up, and write email funnels, nurture sequence emails, and newsletters for current clients, and to convert leads from your website. Interested in growing your email list?
  • Blog Post Writing — Blog posts aren’t for bloggers anymore. Blog posts address target keywords and questions that are being searched by your ideal audience and when written to serve SEO results, will be found and drive new traffic to your website.
  • Operations, CRM’s and Systems — We help create, set up, or assess your operating systems, SOPs, CRM’s, and more so you can focus on what you do well and let your systems help with things automatically.
  • Social Media Marketing — We do everything: strategy, content and graphic creation, posting, engagement, and management. Learn more about Social Media.

Ready to grow your company?

“We loved the fact that Leanne was so patient with us. My husband and I are not very technologically inclined so she had to do a lot of explaining about different aspects of the website. She did a great job leading us through what we needed to do step by step so we could understand it. The website turned out beautifully!”

—Ted and Lori Romportl, Stonehaven Cottages


FAQ About Online Marketing Strategy

Ad cost can depend on a few things, but our Facebook and Instagram ads have a flat cost. Our PPC ads depend on how much ad spend you’d like to invest. We can email our prices and detailed services to you when you fill out our project inquiry form.

Email Marketing is generally promotional emails to your prospective audience or current email list through a series of emails that can inform, educate, nurture, or sell. We can set this up for you and even write all the emails.

Blogs are not for everyone to read, although some will, the posts actually help your website rank better. So writing a post isn’t just food or fashion bloggers but actually to help any business get found by a bigger audience. The reason you should have us write your posts is that we research what questions are being asked online, so we can help answer those questions in a blog post and get you ranking for them.

We do a free consultation to determine what kind of CRM your company needs, how complex you need it to be, and how you need it to integrate it. Once we determine the CRM that’s right for you, we can build it out, customize it to your company’s needs, and get it set up for you to use.

Have a different question? We'd love to answer.