Social Media Services

that helps you grow your online audience.

Whether you like to be on social media or not, it’s a very sure way of growing your business. In addition, what you post and how your posts look are important for your success! We create fully custom and branded content for your social media posting.

With social strategy, we research what others in your industry are doing so we can make sure you are at the top of your social posting game. We post this content for you using a hashtag strategy and posting time strategy. You are still able to post on your own in addition if you wish. You can also send us images you wish for us to use.

We Offer:

  • Social Media Strategy — We use the Brand Discovery from your project’s research to create content around your brand’s pillars, discover your ideal client avatar on social media, and accounts you should pay attention to. We create a visual strategy for Instagram and also your posting strategy. We assess 2 competitors on social media to determine what is working and in what ways you can cut through the noise and connect with your ideal audience. We also determine the best hashtags to use and use the strategy that Instagram recommends. We also create a custom, branded social media graphic template pack to use for all your posts.
  • Instagram Engagement — Client engagement includes our team using the social media strategy we conducted to target your ideal clients and connect with them via comments, likes, and DM’s. Building a connection with your ideal audience on Instagram is essential to them engaging your posts and considering you to be a solution to their problem. Our goal is to connect with your ideal audience and grow your audience organically and with real, authentic connections.

  • Social Media Content Creation and Posting — We create your social media posts around any events, promotions, or offerings you have, your website content, and research industry content. We can work with you on content or write it entirely on our own. All content is reviewed and approved before being scheduled. We use the branded graphic template we created to show off your content in a way that helps you grow your audience by using engaging captions, great content, and good hashtags.

    We can post 3, 5, or 7 times a week. The rule with social media is just be consistent. We like to schedule your posts a month or two  ahead of time so we have time to plan well and lessen the stress.

  • Social Media Management — We can do it all but are selective about the accounts we manage. If interested, please inquire!

Ready to boost your social media engagement?

I love how knowledgeable Leanne is about websites and she keeps abreast of new developments in webpages and SEO. I like knowing I can hand my website issues off to her and she will handle them. Even though I can do some things myself, I have her do them because it makes my life SO much easier. I’m not spending time posting blog posts or dealing with email funnels. It’s all handled by Leanne. I’m amazed at her knowledge and capacity to handle anything I throw at her.

I would definitely recommend Lucid & Luxe to anyone looking to have a website built or a business that needs their social media optimized. Not only can they handle the technical aspects, but they also have the marketing savvy to come up with direction and focus.

—Jessica Decker, Become Organized

FAQ About Social Media Services

Of course! Your social media account is yours, you can do whatever you want. We do like to know and make room for you posting if that’s what you like. For instance, if your social media feed is all branded content, you posting a picture that isn’t part of the visual strategy might not be beneficial. So we might do a mixture of visual content so if you choose to post, it won’t be awkward for your audience. We often encourage our clients, if they want to post, to do stories on Instagram, or post to Facebook. 

Our costs depend on how much we will be posting for you, or spending in your social accounts, but we’re very reasonable, and a great investment to free up your time to do things you love instead. If you fill out our Project Inquiry Form, you can get our prices emailed to you!

We strategize for Instagram only but post to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Tik Tok if you provide video content. 

We do! However, depending on your current branding strategy and social media needs, we may start with a Brand Discovery.

We create custom graphics for your social media with Adobe Illustrator or another Adobe product, unless you specify a preference. Generally, we create 10-30 graphics templates that we can reuse or modify. 

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