Web Design
and Development

that makes you stand out from your competitors.

Now is your chance to not just showcase your company, but to stand out from your competitors. Our team is dedicated to giving your business the attention it deserves, working with you to create an online presence that you’re proud of, paying attention to even the tiniest details to build a site that you’ll love to share.

After your website is live, we are your partners indefinitely. We help your website stay healthy—updating plugins, the database, monitor security, and are here for you whenever you need us with our Website Maintenance Plans.

We Offer:

  • Custom, Template-Free Design — We believe that a website should suit your needs and not be like anyone else’s. Using a pre-designed template doesn’t give your company the best, it’s giving your company something other people have. We design websites from scratch using what we know about your company and how you need to engage your clients to craft the best custom website.
  • Responsive Development — Just as the websites on desktop are custom to your company, so is the mobile view. We spend hours making sure your mobile view is how it should be, even if that means changing a bit from the way it looks on desktop—after all, most people are viewing your website from their phones!
  • Competition Research — We research your competition and see what they’re doing so we can do things differently. We don’t want your website to be like theirs—we want your website to provide your ideal audience confidence in contacting you.
  • UX User Experience Strategy — UX stands for User Experience and we make sure that your design gives your audience the best experience when on your website using tools that test the UX with proven data.
  • Content Strategy & Architecture — The information on your website needs to be thought out and needs to be consistent with user navigation, experience, and SEO practices. It needs to be organized in a way that converts and brings the user into your story. This is why we ask for some necessary information ahead of time, but we work on copywriting to fit with our website strategy, not the other way around which some companies do.
  • Tutorials to Make Updates Yourself — You own your website and we want to give you the ability, if you want, to make changes to your copy, images, and products yourself. We create custom tutorials so you can make updates anytime you want. If you don’t want to make any updates, we’re also happy to make them for you!

Ready to have a website that helps you make more money?

“Leanne is a creative, passionate web designer who has the unique ability to capture the essence of an organization and display it in a logical, easy to navigate manner. She was able to revamp our website, eliminate unnecessary information, and leave the viewer with a favorable impression of our agency. She addresses matters in an expeditious fashion and provides prompt follow up.”

—Daryl Mangeri, Consumer Credit Counseling Service


FAQ About Web Design and Web Development

A website project generally takes 30-90 days. Websites with more complexity may take up to 6 months. When in production, we ask for prompt feedback to help the project stay on schedule. We provide an outline for each of the phases and ongoing communication so you know where the project is, at any given moment. 

A website project isn’t just a website design and development. We bring together all of the services you need to be successful online and have packages that start at $10,000. If however, you don’t want the services in the smallest package, you can contact us for a custom package cost, which may be less than $10,000 depending on your project needs.

We only use WordPress to develop websites.

Since we have ongoing strategy and communication with you, our team and yours are very connected when it comes to the layout, design, etc., of your website. We don’t wait till the website is built for you to say you don’t like something. We let you speak into the beginning site mapping, strategy, website features, layout, colors, etc., so we change anything you aren’t satisfied with right at the beginning. 

We have you fill out a Project Brief and discuss it at our Project Discovery meeting. You’ll be required to provide feedback and have meetings with our team regarding your brand identity, SEO, copywriting, marketing, website design, social media, etc. Our goal, however, is to do everything and only have you provide the necessary information for us to do it all. 

Have a different question? We'd love to answer.