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Wendy Muska Therapy

Wendy is a full-time therapist with Soar Services in Siren, WI. She has a no-nonsense approach to therapy and is very successful. 

Wendy came to us wanting a website so she could share her knowledge and events she speaks at. One day she’s hoping to podcast and write more, so she wanted a platform to share on. 

The Problem and Goals

Wendy has a ton of knowledge, wit, and is sought after for speaking events, but she had no where to direct people to learn more about her. Her goals were not to grow her appointment list, as that is already full, but to just have somewhere to write posts and record podcasts for all the things she has in her mind about therapy that have been very successful for her clients. 

During our discovery phase, we determined that Wendy’s site needed to connect with her audience in a personal way but also show her services at the office. Her website would be simple with navigation. Wendy had also no professional images of herself, so we scheduled a Brand Photography session to get some images of her for her website.

The Solution and Result

Wendy’s site was 7 pages and didn’t have any integrations.

Wendy didn’t have a logo, and just wanted to use her name in the script font that she chose.

After a Brand Discovery with Wendy we decided on a color palette that is bright yet relaxed.  To give it more personality we did gradient sections.

Wendy has a ton of wit and personality, so we wanted to make sure that came out in all the photography. She’s really a no-nonsense therapist!

In our content creation phase, we collected the information necessary for the website content and wrote copy with a solid SEO strategy. 

Wendy launched her site and got super active on social and has incredible engagement!

Your team took my unique style and vision and collected my ramblings in to a beautiful, professional format.  I am also not well versed in technology.  The future support for my platform is a valuable and time saving.

—Wendy Muska, Wendy Muska Therapy | Siren, WI

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